Germaine Sijstermans

Clarinet|Performance Art

Germaine Sijstermans

Germaine Sijstermans is a (bass) clarinetist from Heerlen with a passion for contemporary music. After years of living in the “Randstad” and abroad, she is back in her home town and has been performing regularly at Intro since 2012.

Germaine has been working with composers for years and enjoys being closely involved in the development of new pieces, including music theater works and performance art. During the last couple of years many pieces have been written for her. Germaine has performed in a multitude of environments, ranging from traditional stages to underground venues, located from the Netherlands to Brazil.

Her personal research focusses on the role of the musician beside playing an instrument, exploring how one can use their physicality and presence in synthesis with playing an instrument to fulfill the concept of a work.

Music wise, Germaine enjoys works in an abstract idiom with a direct impact. Use of space, in a literal and figurative sense, often plays and important role in her performances.

Germaine obtained her masters degree as a performing musician at Codarts in Rotterdam with clarinet teacher Jan Jansen in 2013. Prior to that, she finished her bachelor studies at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague with teacher Pierre Woudenberg.

Germaine is a member of the Belline clarinet quartet and music theater  company Root 51.