Nicolien Soeter


Alien Oosting
Nicoline Soeter
Rianne Wilbers



Alien Oosting & Nicoline Soeter


An installation and musical performance by artist Alien Oosting and composer Nicoline Soeter. Live performance by talented soprano Rianne Wilbers

Pit Water

After the mine closure almost all remains of the mining history were erased from the urban landscape. Below the fields of Limburg the mineshafts still remain, flooded with mine-water.pit water was friend as well as foe of the mining-industry and plays a part again these days as an innovative energy supplier. Ondertijds takes the subterranean pit water as a starting point for an audio-visual experience about industrialisation and work. Descending into the galleries of the past, soprano Rianne Willbers sings about the changing perspectives in the undertow.

Installation and Performance

An installation and musical performance by artist Alien Oosting (Berlin, nominated for the ‘Parkstad Limburg Prijs 2013’) and composer Nicoline Soeter, commissioned by Intro in Situ Maastricht. Live performance by talented soprano Rianne Wilbers. She belongs to the “Jonge Honden”, Intro in Situ’s talent development programme.

A coproduction by Intro and Cultura Nova as part of Jaar van de Mijnen (M2015)

Installation open to public from sat 29th Aug until Sat 5th Sep between 19:00-23:00 hours
Sun 30th Aug between 14:00-23:00 and Sun 6th Sep from 14:00-17:00.

Performances: 5 Sep. 21:00, 22:00, 22:30 – 6 Sep. 15:00, 16:00