Jam met Noten

Jam met Noten (Jamming with notes) is a laboratory for current composers and musicians.

During live sessions the lab enhances communication between young composers and performers.
Without the usual pressure to perform, but with a nice atmosphere, young talents are given the opportunity to work with professionals.

Blindman Collective

bl!ndman_12_03_24-0133The Brussels’ collective Blindman and music production house Intro (Maastricht) will be organising this composers lab starting October 2015.
The workshops will take place in Antwerpen and Maastricht. Additionally there will be presentations in Den Bosch, Utrecht, Kortrijk en Leuven.

Interested young music students, programmers an artistic leaders are encouraged to contact us at: bart@introinsitu.nl or jonas@blindman.be.

More info at: www.introinsitu.nll or www.blindman.be

Jam met Noten together with the Blindman Collective is made possible with funds from ‘BesteBuren’

BesteBuren logo c - liggend

Ensemble 88

E88-website1In the past several Jam met Noten took place in cooperation with Ensemble 88.
Even though this season the Jams will mainly be happening in cooperation with ‘Blindman Collective’ there will still be Jams together with Ensemble 88

for more info about Ensemble 88 check: www.ensemble88.nl