The Beaters

Jitske Blom
Thomas Rutgers



Thomas Rutgers & Jitske Blom

The Beaters

The Beaters is a sound installation, developed through a collaboration between Thomas Rutgers and Jitske Blom as part of Resonance, European network for sonic arts.

15 March t/m 15 April 2013, ECI Roermond
21 April t/m 6 May 2013, Begijnhofpark Kortrijk, Belgium
25 Juli t/m 12 August 2013, Østre Bergen, Norway
Gaudeamus Muziekweek, 1 t/m 8 September 2013,  Museum Speelklok Utrecht
13 t/m 29 September 2013, Workshop Intro in situ
16 t/m 25 October, 2013 Le Bon Accueil, Rennes, France
November Music, 6 t/m 10 November, 2013 , Verkadefabriek ‘s-Hertogenbosch
18 t/m 26 April, 2014 Korzo Den Haag

Resonance, 30 mei t/m 19 juni 2014 , Botanical Gardems, Riga, Latvia

Rutgers and Blom have made several installations together. During Dutch Design Week 2013 they showed off their sonic sculpture Meanwhile at… The last couple of years they have been touring throughout the Netherlands as well as abroad with their guerrilla performance ‘Openbaar Kabaal’, an installation that fills public space with sound through the use of radio graphically controlled tappers which are attached to street furniture.

The tap is also used as a starting point in this current installation. Where In ‘Openbaar Kabaal’ the main focus lied on the object itself that is being tapped on, now the focus lies on the subject, the tapper itself. The tap receives a visual component in the archetypical image of a beater, a ball attached to a stick. The installation consists of a large resonance box that is played by an extensive set of beaters. However, nothing in this choreography is quite as it seems: materiality is being concealed, movement is being manipulated and gravity is being defied! Visual cues can trick the audience into hearing something that’s different from what they would expect to hear.