Brendan Faegre + Lucia Giraudo & NKK Next

Brendan Faegre + Lucia Giraudo & NKK Next

Musical & Culinary Experiment V

Tuesday 19 February 2019 / Intro, Maastricht

Each third Tuesday of every month Intro presents a combination of interesting music and exciting food. Cook Hadassa Smit (Hadassas Keuken) talks to the musicians beforehand about them and their music to find inspiration for her culinary creations. On stage in February: Brendan Faegre & Lucia Giraudo and NKK NXT

Brendan Faegre & Lucia Giraudo


switched is a new project by two musicians from seemingly opposite fields: composer/drummer Brendan Faegre and baroque violinist Lucia Giraudo.  In it, they channel baroque dance music through a contemporary prism.  Lucia takes a dedicated, historically informed approach to the violin part.  Brendan adds drums, making the meter of the dances explicit.  And through live processing and a monosynth, they bring baroque dance into the soundworld of electronic music.

This evening is a try-out of their first program: J.S. Bach’s Partita No. 1 for solo violin.



Alex Inc – Try Out

NKK NXT is the talent development programme of the Dutch Chamber Choir (Nederlands Kamerkoor) Through this programme they aim to give young talented singers the opportunity to develop themselves professionally under the wings of the Nederlands Kamerkoor. The programme for this evening will be announced as soon as possible.

Technology and humanity go hand in hand, but Alex Inc wants more.
In an attempt to mix better with humanity Alex goes on a quest to be able to experience real human emotions. Eight singers join Alex in entering the “uncanny valley” of repulsion and recognition. Will Alex be able to convert to humanity?

Hadassa’s Keuken

Hadassa cooks with honest beautiful products, sourced locally or from her own garden. Little drawings on your plate. Food that makes everybody happy. Hadassa talks to the musicians beforehand in order to come up with a new exiting menu for the evening. Please send us a message at publiciteit@introinsitu.nl if you are on a special diet.
Take a look at Hadassa’s website to get an impression of her creations.


18:00 Doors Open | 18:30 Start Culinary Experiment | 20:00 Start Concert


Free (concert) €12,50 (Culinary Experiment