De Fanfare

De Fanfare

en alles wat verandert

Saturday 06 June 2015 / 15:00 & 17:00 / Savelberg Klooster , Heerlen

‘De fanfare en alles wat verandert’ is a contemporary music performance by Intro, based on a story telling poem of Frans Budé. Anne Parlevliet composed a sparkling new contemporary piece to go along with it.

In the story, the poet introduces two characters who have never known eachother. Firstly there is the Limburg composer Andrée Bonhomme (1905-1982) who moved to Heerlen and taught at the local music school until her pension. Secondly there is the character of Stef Moonen, an imagenary young man from this age who is a member of the local windband. Both of them share a big passion for music. The performance is both a poetic as well as a musical ode to the ‘Mijnstreek’ (Mining Region) then and ‘Parkstad’ now.

Actor and singer Matthias Qadekker leads the visitor through sung and spoken texts both to Andrée Bonhommes birthcity of Maastricht as well as to Paris, the city where she would regularly attend classes with Darius Milhaud. Most of all the visitor is taken to Heerlen, not just the city as Bonhomme remembers it from it’s mining days, but also contemporary Heerlen: ‘Heerlen awakes, I see it. The city transcends itself’, 18 year old Stef concludes while walking through the town quite satisfied.

In De fanfare en alles wat verandert raw electronics and harmonious windenseble music alternate. The musicians not only play traditional, but also new ‘Fanfare’ instruments.

Commissioned by BV Limburg, Developed by Steim (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music).