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Modern Musical Theatre T.I.M.E at Royal Conservatory of the Hague - performance acting

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Lieneke Pisters


Tuesday 01 November 2016 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats), Maastricht

Lieneke finished her masters degree in musictheatre at music theatre academy T.I.M.E. at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. Now she’s working together with percussionist Max Hilpert at Intro.

In 2013 she experienced a burn-out. This inspired her to make a new music theatre performance. In E N E R G Y (working title) she develops a new view at energy. It’s a performance in which a lot of fysical action, music and visual art is combined into a total in your face experience for your senses…

Earlier Work

As a fitnesscoach Lieneke works with physical themes on a daily basis. In Cantaloupe she experiments how to use these themes in a musical theatre context. In this performance the focus is mainly “outward”. It’s an attept at finding an own place as a performance-actrice.

Lieneke also performs during Cantaloupe, but is mainly concerned with directing the rest of the team, which consists of musicians, actors and a scenographer. The performance was presented during Nuit Blanche festival in Amsterdam (2012) and at the residence of musical theatre ensemble de Veenfabriek (2013) (more info: Click here!)

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E N E R G Y is much more musical, direct and personal than Cantaloupe. The theme “burnouts” is actual and has a very social context, but is treated as an existential question during the performance with the focus turned ‘inward’ We see a kickbockser (Lieneke) duelling with a drummer (Maximilian). Through different rythms, depths, colours, tempi and arrangements the audience experiences what intensity means. At the same time the audience is directly challenged to a dialogue.

At this fourth ‘work in progress’ presentation (after Salon de Heerlijkheid at Castle Baexem, an own evening at Juan C. Tajes Art Studio Amsterdam and participation at the Oproer Festival Roermond) Lieneke and Maximilian perform at their home base, Intro, where they also rehearse. Through this presentation series they work towards a pilot performance. Intro supports Lieneke as co producer, just like Via Zuid Talentmakelaars Limburg.
(more info: http://www.viazuid.com/makers/lieneke-pisters)

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