Patrick Housen

Patrick Housen

Musical & Culinary Experiment VI

Tuesday 19 March 2019 / Intro, Maastricht

Every third Tuesday of the month Intro presents a combination of interesting new music and exciting food. Cook Hadassa Smit (Hadassas Keuken) let’s herself be inspired by the musicians that will be performing during the evening in order to create a special menu. Talented young musicians expermiment with their newest programmes in front of a live audience.

Patrick Housen is a composer and sound artist at M.I.B collective & supported in the Netherlands as ‘jonge maker’ at Intro In Situ & Via Zuid. During this try-out he invites you to enter the sonorous space of his SoundSculpting performance. Cello and saxophone sounds – played by Jasmijn Lootens and Arno Roesems – are caught by Housen, digitally distorted and reinstated in an immersive, evolving sound sculpture. Performers compose, improvise, react and communicate with eachother. Expect atmospheric layers, enticing grooves and warm melodies.

18:30 Start Culinary Experiment (Doors open: 18:00)

20:00 Start Concert

Entrance: Free! (Concert) €12,50 (Culinary Experiment) Tickets are available through the ticket widget below!