Orkun Ağir Ensemble

Orkun Ağir Ensemble


Tuesday 28 August 2018 / 20:30 - 21:30 / Savelbergklooster, Heerlen

Cultura Nova

Orkun Agir composes contemporary classical music influenced lightly by Ottoman and Anatolian music. His works are characterised by their introspecive and melancholic nature. Agir composed his Sestetto for clarinet, baglama, string trio and piano espessially for this concert at Cultura Nova. The composition was commissioned by Intro (Maastricht)

Composer  Orkun Agir  works together closely with Turkish poet Ataol Behramoglu (amongst others). He composed a song cycle based on Behramoglu’s poets which will premiere in Izmir in 2019. He also used texts by Behramoglu for the piece ‘If I die…’ which he composed for the Storioni Trio, baglama and soprano.

Recently Agir collaborated with his luthier, Serkan Güngör to modify his baglama (a kind of lute) in order to make it possible to play new and different compositions as well as making the instrument more concert worthy.

Apart from the new piece ‘Sestetto’ for clarinet, baglama, string trio and piano also some other works will be performed during  Cultura Nova;  Nâme-i Hicrân (The Farewell Letter) for baglama and cello and Mesra for cello solo.