Patrick Housen & Marie van Vollenhoven

Patrick Housen & Marie van Vollenhoven

Digital Connections

Tuesday 27 March 2018 / 20:30 / Intro, Maastricht

Images influencing sound or sounds changing images… Is it possible to combine the two?  At the same time if possible?

This new project by Patrick Housen & Marie van Vollenhoven aims to create a dialogue between images and sounds where equality is key. They are researching how sounds and images can talk to each other through digital connections, from scratch. A new way of composing which challenges the rules of musicality and gives a fresh but sometimes awkward new perspective. An outlet and a search for the impact of immersive sound and imagery on human perception. A pre study preceding a concert in deSingel in Antwerp in May and OORtreders festival in October.

Patrick Housen

Patrick Housen is a Belgian composer and Sound Artist. His sonic roots lie in contemporary music and progressive metal.


Marie van Vollenhoven

Maries work can be seen as an amalgam of visual art, music, light, technology, live animations and video projections.
She travels both as director of IN INFINITY PRODUCTIONS and as an artist trough the contemporary Gesammtkunstwerk, where disciplines meet.​