Aart Strootman:

Ramon Lohrmans:

Fred Jacobsson:




Minimal Chamber Metal

Tuesday 21 March 2017 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats),

After their adventure with the Philharmonie Zuidnederland in Darkness Rises the guys from TEMKO are back at Intro once more!

The three guys in TEMKO play guitar, bass, and drum kit – the same instrumentation used in many traditional jazz trios.
But it’s impossible to say where TEMKO’s new project Lunar fits within the jazz pantheon, if it even fits in there at all.
For 80 continuous minutes, the trio inverts minimalism into seamless industrial, torturing their instruments (and freshly built noisemachines)
by playing as few notes as humanly possible. Melodic content seems to be harmonic loops and ubiquitous dovetailing rhythms are confusingly simple.
With obsessive precision the polyrhythms of Fred’s bass and pieces of wood played by Ramon lap each other until Aart connects all the pulses on a prepared guitar.
Being in sync without ever being in sync resulting in a kind of pseudo-spiritual sonic universe, until it all segways into new orbits.
Who would have thought an acoustic trio could sound so far from what it looks like. Almost completely hidden in darkness TEMKO proves it, loud, relentless,
and yet so relaxing.

Entrance: Free