Jesse Passenier


Jesse Passenier

Nieuwe Makers Regeling

In 2016 Jesse Passenier received the “Nieuwe Makers Regeling” from the “Fonds Podiumkunsten “ (National fund for the performing arts”). In the piece below he tells us  a little about it.

Since 2016 I’m being supported through the “Nieuwe Makersregeling” of the “Fonds Podiumkunsten” with Intro as my partner. It’s a real honor and a great opportunity to bring my own music and artistic plans to fruition.
The biggest project is the start of my new orchestra: the Fluid Orchestra. I am the artistic director of this ensemble as well as the conductor and of course  the composer. The goal is to realize my own composition projects and collaborations with special soloists. The first project for the ensemble is my jazz/classical suite LIT SCENES, of which an album was made which is set to release soon. It’s a dream come true. At the same time I’m working on a project with the ensemble that’s on the total opposite side of the musical spectrum, a collaboration with scratch DJ Vindictiv.
I also get the opportunity to develop myself further as a pianist/drummer /vibraphonist. I’m working on an in depth research into improvisation with different disciplines. Music combined with dance and music combined with visuals. I try to find a way to more directly and completely understand each other’s language. An intensification of communication if you will.
During the next few months I will be working a lot on a new big band project: How Flora and Fauna Became Friends. This project will start in the spring of this year and will be written around solo guitarist Reinier Baas (winner of an Edison Jazz Award). Another dream come true, because working on an artistic project of such calibre has long since been my heart’s desire. With all these projects the Nieuwe Makers Regeling means a quadratic leap in my artistic career, with a rapid development as a consequence. I can say without doubt that I will always be thankful for the support I have been given.

Jesse Passenier

Jesse Roan Passenier (1985) grew up in Zutphen, Netherlands, where he was introduced to music already by the time of his birth, by the classical singing lessons of his mother. It doesn’t surprise that by the age of five he started having singing lessons with his mother, followed by drumming lessons when he turned ten. Jesse tought himself to play the piano, which went hand in hand with composing. More and more instruments were collected, until he had fully stuffed a studio in the backyard. Daily he and his piano playing brother made fully improvised music, and Jesse was always drumming in several bands, among which a few Big Bands. After finishing high school there was an interruption in his musical life. His fascination for a martial art called Cheng Hsin had grown (pronounce “cheng shin”, an art with an exceptional focus on phisical and mental conciousness and interactive skills), and he decided to study this intensively for more than seven months, as a so called apprentice at the Cheng Hsin Centre, San Antonio, Texas, USA. Back in the Netherlands Jesse picked up the threads of his musical career as he started studying drums at the Conservatory of Maastricht. After only two months he decided that wasn’t the right choise for him and he switched to composing and arranging, with Wolfgang Braun.

Already in 2010 Jesse Passenier was “Young Composer in Residence” at the MECC Jazz Festival in Maastricht, and in 2011 he was one of the four laureates of the international composition contest of the famous Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO ICC 2011). The same year, to conclude his bachelor, he presented his own project “Nos Pères”, with music for his own Broad Music Orchestra. He continued with a master composing arranging, studying also with Michael Abene (USA), Wieland Reißmann (DE) and Henk Meutgeert (NL).
In 2012 Jesse got in to the Metropole Orchestra Arrangers Workshop, for which he wrote arrangements for the Metropole Orchestra and jazz vocalist Kurt Elling, and he had workshops with chef conductor Vince Mendoza. Ever since Jesse Passenier arranges regularly for the Metropole Orchestra, and orchestra’s like the Dutch Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Band of the Dutch Navy.
In 2013 Jesse concluded his Master of Music cum laude. His work is characterised by the mixing of styles into a uniform own style, gratefully using colorful orchestrations. His rhythmical background sometimes filters through, alternating with lyrical melodies and ambiances that capture the imagination.