Rogier Telderman


Rogier Telderman

Pianist and composer Rogier Telderman moves audiences with lyrical, clean and energetic playing.

With the Rogier Telderman Trio, he blends rock, soul and contemporary influences into beautiful, sensual and energetic jazz music. The inventive European piano trio grasps their listeners from the very first notes, let them experience their soothing as well as challenging music and touches its audiences through inspired storytelling.

Together with Guus Bakker (double bass) and Tuur Moens (drums), the trio released their debut album ‘Contours’ which received stellar reviews from all over the world; reminiscing to Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehldau and the late EST.

Rogier Telderman is quickly evolving into an adventurous artist and authentic voice in the European music scene. The young pianist was recently elected most promising jazz artist of 2016 by the Association of Dutch jazzbookers. His music can best be described as cinematic, lyrical and up-to-the-minute. Transcending traditional musical genres such as jazz, minimal, rock and classical music. In December 2014 Rogier released his debut album ‘Contours’ on RM Records, which was praised globally for being both lyrical and energetic, deliberate and spontaneous. “A gripping personal quality who grasps its listener from the very first notes” Jazzenzo wrote. Bruce Lindsay of AllAboutJazz stated “Telderman has crafted an album notable for its varied musical and emotional range as well as for its excellent musicianship”. Or to simply quote Maxazine “Contours is a fantastic debut!”.

   “Contours is one of my favourite jazz albums of the year” 10/10 – KindofJazz (UK)

As a composer, Telderman takes on other adventures which challenge his role as a musician and composer. Working as part of contemporary classical ensemble (TEMKO), with which they investigate rhythmically layered structures and transform it into their “minimal chamber metal”.

In November 2016, a new piece by his hand will premiere at the November Music festival featuring three amazing wind-instrumentalists (flute, euphonium and bass-clarinet) and Rogier at the piano.