Jesse Passenier’s Lit Scenes Album Release

Jesse Passenier’s Lit Scenes Album Release


On Friday the 23rd of March Jesse Passenier’s Lit Scenes will be officially released on cd on Odradek Records!

Lit Scenes consists out of two parts, one of which is String Quartet No.1. This composition is performed by the renowned Dudok Quartet, part of The Fluid Orchestra in this production. This composition shows influences out of the jazz contemporary big band idiom and clear links to Ligeti, Bartók and Ravel.

In part two of Lit Scenes, the string quartet is expanded to an octet, adding flute, Moog Synth played by EWI (electric winddriven instrument), piano and double bass. With room for improvisation, Passenier now packs lyrical melodies in colourful harmonies and atmospheres, that are alternated with tense moments and vivid rhythms. In this part, solo roles for pianist Bart Van Caenegem and bassist Matthias Akeo Nowak are heavily featured.