Rutger Muller

Rutger Muller


Processive is an outstretched composition/improvisation that extracts a fragile, spiritual soundscape from cultural, technological and psychological frictions.

This fusion of meditative and uncanny elements evokes a mystic environment, in which we can halt our ego-driven search for hierarchy: blurred are the borders between foreground, background, stability, chaos, time and space. This non-dualism also forms the core of the modular concert set-up: audience, performers, surround speakers, lights and architecture are enveloped together, to form a singular entity.

Processive – Album & Concert Details

Album Details (UNRELEASED)
Genre: Electro-Acoustic / Dark Ambient / New Age / Contemporary Classical
Composition/Improvisation Ratio: roughly 50/50
Sampled Instruments: Gong, Piano, Recorders, Cello, Vocals, Organ, Found Sounds…
Line-Up: Rutger Muller (elec, vox), Josephine Bode (rec, vox), Wen Chin Fu (cel)
Composed/Produced In: 2014 – 2018
Release Date: unannounced

Concert Details
Duration Options: Between 30 and 60 minutes
Formation Options: Solo / Duo / Ensemble
Instrument Options: Cello, Recorders, Paetzold, Vocals
Multi-Speaker Options: Surround Sound is recommended (4 speakers)