Aart Strootman, Marco Mlynek & Storioni Trio

Hellish Heaven, Heavenly Hell

Tuesday 12 April 2016 / 20:30

It’s as if a dinosaur from the history of musical instruments has been found again and restored…” (Agnes van der Horst – Luister Feb 2016)

On the third panel of Jeroen Bosch’s triptych ‘Garden of earthly delights’ people hang like flies trapped in the strings of monstrous musical instruments. Wind instruments penetrate delicate parts and a meters high hurdy-gurdy crushes a man. During this year’s Storioni Festival these hellish instruments were brought to life by composer/guitarist Aart Strootman and pianist/composer Marco Mlynek. Now Aart and Marco are bringing the magical sounds of their ‘Luteharp’ and gigantic hurdy-gurdy to Intro. As an extra treat they are bringing their friends from the Storioni Trio along with them to Maastricht!

Hellish heaven, heavenly hell… At Intro… Don’t miss it!

Entrance: Free