Aliana Almao

Aliana Almao

Pussy Power Comedy Improv

Tuesday 07 February 2017 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats),

Last year she came to Intro with her Sperma Derma monologue, now she’s back with “Pussy Power”!

After touring the Netherlands with her Spermaderma monologue; the birth of her first child; Aliana Almo teams up with Nicole Miedema, Marialisa vd Poll & Julia van Zijl to celebrate their bouncing ovaries in a talking vaginas improvising scenes; live audience gives them suggestion previously unknown to them; after getting over the initial scare of ‘not knowing’, they yolo’d their ways through several  performances and even made it to quarter finals of NSK theatre sports; they will use your suggestions and find themselves in various unexpected situation crafted into micro scenes. Music and musicians will be a surprise…dive into the unknown; maybe; you get to laugh!

Entrance: Free