Bart van Dongen’s Goodbye

Bart van Dongen’s Goodbye

Duo Estafette

Thursday 30 March 2017 / 20:30 / Intro,

Goodbye in Duo Relay with ‘Jonge Honden’ on march 30th

A already mentioned in the preface of this booklet I will be leaving Intro starting the 1st of April. To not let this moment pass by unnoticed Intro is organising a duo relay with as many musicians as possible who played such wonderful music for Intro and for you the audience during the last couple of years.

The concept works as follow: Each musician plays for 10 minutes, of which the first 5 minutes overlap with the previous player and the second 5 minutes with the player who will take the baton (so to speak). The first player – me – will play the first 5 minutes solo. I’ll be the one to pass on the baton!

Bart van Dongen, artistiek directeur Intro.

Entrance: Free