Cast Glass

Cast Glass


Wednesday 05 November 2014 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats),

Cast Glass is one of this year’s biggest surprises in the Dutch alternative pop-scene. The two ladies and three gentleman could have been Steve Reich’s and Björk’s lovechild.

They splice pop, folk and neoclassical music together in ways you have never tasted before and search for new ways to combine electronics with acoustical instruments.


The band presents its debut album at Intro in situ in Maastricht: Cast Glass EP. The debut album is a limited release of 250 – hand painted and numbered –
Cast Glass played concerts during Cross Linx Festival and Fringe Festival in Antwerp. With Marc Alberto & Marco Mlynek, Edita Karkoschka, Iris van de Ende and Max Hilpert.

‘’… an excellent, young Dutch ensemble that masters the art of modest musicianship. “ (Volkskrant, 02/14)

“… Ingenious songs (…) accompanied by an unusual set of instruments; Electronic Wind Interface, drums and harp…” (NRC next, 02/14)

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