Composition: Chantal Acda / Valgeir Sigurdsson (arrangments)

Singer: Chantal Acda

Choir: Sara Leemans, Jony Overdijk, Benjamin Larham, Arjan Lienaerts (thanks to NKK NXT)

Live music: Eric Thielemans / Laurens Smet

Text: Chantal Acda and Josse de Pauw

Sound Design: Eric Thielemans and Nick Symons

Direction: Eric Thielemans and Josse de Pauw

Choreography: Peggy Olislaegers

Technicians: Nick Symons / Paul Caron

Production: Paul Caron ((Intro Maastricht)

Publicity: Maarten Reumkens (Intro Maastricht)

Management: Tom Swart (Intro Maastricht)

Chantal Acda – Pūwawau

30CC Leuven

Thursday 14 November 2019 / 20.00 / 30CC, Leuven

Acda is known for her ability to constantly reinvent both herself and her work using her voice as a reflective space. She is fascinated by the universal factors that bind and influence voices, like language, heritage and folksongs. As part of her residency at Intro she articulated the wish to produce a music theatre work for ensemble, chamber choir and solo singer, through which she could broaden her search for kinship and contact and bring it into context for an audience.

Acda’s quest for connection culminates in Pūwawau. The name originates from Maori and means as much as: “Hearing spirit voices under the water, reflective and instinctive”.
Pūwawau is the result of a research into the power of the voice as a means of connecting. The results of this research are put into words and set to music in a poetic way.

We live in a world filled with change and oftentimes lacking in direct contact and reflection. Acda looks to engage in this contact. She and the musicians don’t perform on a traditional stage, but amidst the public. Everybody, without regard for heritage or language becomes a part of a collective experience.

At Terschelling (Beautiful island in the North of the Netherlands) the relationship to the public, the role of the environment and how different pieces could fit together were researched. Lighting, sound and scenography were developed outside in the beautiful nature of Terschelling. Last June try-outs for the performance were witnessed by close to 2000 visitors ot theatre festival Oerol at Terschelling.

The visitors that came witnessed our electro acoustic music theatre performance in which the poetic texts of Josse de Pauw, the decor by Laura de Jong flowed together with the beautiful musical arrangements made by Valgeir Sigurdsson and provided the audience with an intense and moving experience. 400 people signed up to be informed about the upcoming tour!

During October the performance will be finished at Intro in Maastricht. Rutger Muller (sound artist/composer, already a maker at Intro, will work on the sound processing. Final direction is in the capable hands of Josse de Pauw. Because of the great importance of the body, dramatist Peggy Olislaegers will also be on hand at this point of the development. The goal is to create an involving experience for the audience that – through the use of sounds and video – will transport them into an impressive scenography and makes them a part of the reflection. The outside world completely disappears for a  moment and what we are left with is a space that is shared by everyone involved.

Entree: €19,- / €17.-

www.chantalacda.com | www.30cc.be

Dit initiatief werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door Grensverleggers, regeling ter ondersteuning van culturele samenwerkingen tussen partijen in Vlaanderen, de Provincie Noord-Brabant, de Provincie Limburg en de Provincie Zeeland