Sound Experiment

Tuesday 06 February 2018 / 20:30 / Intro, Maastricht

Danibal (born Daniel Hentschel is cartoonist, singer and mouth harpist (Jew’s Harp)

His love for the Jew’s harp started when he got introduced to Tuvan and Mongolian throat singing and related music containing prominent parts for Jew’s harp some twenty years ago. Meanwhile he has become a specialist on this ‘synthesiser from prehistory’.  

As a singer he looks for the borders of the human voice: throat singing, sonic poetry, yodelling and a hint of human beatboxing. Danibal is a surprising instant composer using live loops to build his music from rhythmical pulses, spontaneous inspirations and atmospheric overtones. It’s a sound experiment in the most contagious way possible.  

Entrance: Free