Darkness Rises - Sonic Science Festival

Sunday 25 January 2015 / Intro (werkplaats),

On January 22nd 2003 NASA established final contact with ‘Pioneer 10′; a space probe launched in 1972. In a macrocosm that exceeds our imagination of distance and time, a transmission sent over 8 billion kilometers marks not only the last we have seen of Pioneer 10, but somehow it has also the last it has seen of us. Set to travel through the vast emptiness for the next 2 million years -craned with the finest of 70s technology- Pioneer 10 is one of the most distant remains of human presence and might be the first to reach new stellar objects.

It is this slow farewell that inspired Aart Strootman to write “Darkness Rises”; a translation of technology and space itself into music. A 30 year-long radio transmission of Pioneer 10’s journey towards the unknown, comprehended into an experience of 60 minutes, including a sonification of the last dataset from Pioneer 10 ever to be received.

Premiere performance during Sonic Science Festival @ Intro