Winternights Festival Maastricht

Friday 13 December 2019 / 16.00 / 20.00 / 22.15 / Biesenwal 3 (Landbouwbelang), Maastricht

DOTT was founded by musician and composer Reggy van Bakel. It is a band that flirts with other art disciplines and creates musical experience worlds around social themes, such as climate change. In addition to music, also text, visuals and costumes play an important role.

In this performance DOTT takes you to the future. To the choices that were made and the choices that should have been made. Not only to save the quality of life, but also the sustainability of this planet. Work-in-progress to finetune the musical story, experience and merging of disciplines.

Reggy is part of the Muzieklab of Intro in Situ and VIA ZUID.

www.viazuid.com | www.winternights.nl