Evelien van den Broek

Evelien van den Broek

False Memories

Wednesday 28 December 2016 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats) , Maastricht

I clearly recall being able to breathe under water as a child.

Go astray in the maze of memory. In False Memories composer and singer Evelien van den Broekexplores the wander roads of our untrustworthy recollections. She’s gathered a colorful ensemble with keyboardist Tony Roe, Koen Kaptijn on trombone, drummer / electronics wizard Richard van Kruysdijk and visual artist Marcel Wierckx.

False Memories consists of songs on the cutting edge of experimental pop, electronics and modern classical. Somewhere between the experimental pop of Björk and My Brightest Diamond and the folk fantasies of Luciano Berio and Kurt Weill. Van den Broek was inspired by the colorful collection of texts from The False Memory Archive of the British artist A.R. Hopwood. An archive consisting of anonymously submitted memories of events that never occurred. “I clearly recall being able to breathe under water as a child” isn’t even the strangest memory from the rich collection. “I remember running out of the hospital as a newborn baby,” and “I remember very vividly, as a child, swiping my finger on a matchbox and my finger setting fire”. A concert built around a doubt, humor, recognition and moments of touching beauty, with exciting interactive video projections.

Evelien van den Broek is a composer, performer and singer-songwriter. Under the name KUrKKU she makes songs with solo voice, Wii game controllers, electronics and a five-speaker system. She is a member of the indietronica trio Daisy Bell. In the project Year Without A Summer she blends gamelan instruments with raw beats, electronic ‘glissando basses’ and vocal harmonies. She sang in Dyane Donck’s multimedia performance The Obscure Thoughts of Isabella Green and wrote music for numerous documentaries and for theater, modern dance, performance installations and sound walks.

Team: Evelien van den Broek (Daisy Bell, KUrKKU) – composition / vocals / electronics,
Tony Roe (Tin Men and the Telephone) – synths,
Koen Kaptijn (7090, New Trombone Collective,
David Kweksilber Bigband) – trombone / electronics,
Richard van Kruysdijk (Daisy Bell, Phallus Dei, Strange Attractor, Cut Worms) – percussion / electronics,
Marcel Wierckx – interactive video, A.R. Hopwood – texts (False Memory Archive),
Ate Jan van Kampen – lightdesign, Peter van Amstel – management.

Produced by Stichting Mono, with support from November Music, Performing Arts Fund NL and Prins Berhard Cultuurfonds with the Hausta Donans Fonds.