P(l)ay what you want

The performer chooses what he will play.
You choose what you will pay.
P(l)ay what you want!

Faarjam & Roosmarijn Tuenter

P(l)ay what you want

Sunday 09 October 2016 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats), Maastricht

This season Intro is trying something new: P(l)ay what you want
The performer is free to choose their programme and you are free to pay what you want!


Musician – Songwriter – Composer Faarjam was born in Iran and grew up in the Netherlands. He started his career as a guitarist and singer in 2003 in various bands. Since 2009 he has been working on soloprojects and studied popmusic in Arnhem. In 2010 he started his own band and started writing music based on Persian poetry by Hossein Panahi. In 2013 his first EP “Awar e Rang” was released. He’s currently studying composition and production at the HKU in Utrecht and performs regularly in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Faarjam is known for his atmospheric music and his two previously released singles “Amsterdam” and “Ja Mandeh”

Roosmarijn Tuenter

Inspired by the all encompassing nature and it’s details, multi instrumentalist, singer and composer Roosmarijn tries to translate all these elements into intimate songs, with explosive passages and expressive performance. Listening to these pieces one might discover the power of the wind flowing through the water, or the warm safe feeling of hands moving through your hair. With her viola and voice she fills up the space with sounds of wind through water as a warm blanket that covers you from head to toe.

Entrance: Pay what you want!