Frank van der Heide & Einar Bjartur

My Iceland walk

Tuesday 26 April 2016 / 20:30

The project ‘My Iceland walk’ is a multidisciplinary project combining video projections, virtual reality & music by the young Icelandic composer Einar Bjartur and producer Frank van der Heide.

Einar Bjartur is inspired by the Icelandic nature and combines his passion of nature with music in this project. During the performance the audience experiences his journey by watching projections of Iceland on big screens. The projections will be alternated by virtual reality. This virtual reality experience will be created with a Google Cardboard and a smartphone. The organization will provide 10 smartphones & Google cardboards which can be used for the virtual reality experience.

The performance will last approximately 25 minutes and will take place twice (20:30-21.00 & 21.00-21.30).

Entrance: Free!

Part of WE-festival

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