Germaine Sijstermans

Germaine Sijstermans

Solo Clarinet

Tuesday 13 October 2015 / 20:30

Experience the solo clarinet in all its sights and sounds, in varying styles that ask for different attitudes in listening. Let the music speak to you by receiving its message, or enjoy its beauty by simply experiencing what takes place.

Using the entire array of what the clarinet has to offer, from modern techniques to the bare beauty of the clarinet sound, Germaine presents solo works. Some pieces will touch on universal themes such as the future, nature and death. Other works will display the powerful aesthetic of music that has been distilled to its essence.

Sincere Beauty

In compositions and interpretations, Germaine Sijstermans seeks for the most sincere possible expression of the idea and beauty that are inherent to the music. In this case, the music is a.o. by Elena Sazhikova (Turkmenistan), Dante Boon (NL), Kirill Shirokov (RU) and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (UK).

Entrance: Free