Germaine Sijstermans

Germaine Sijstermans

Music and installation on Maanplein

Friday 31 August 2018 / 21:15 - 21:45 / Maankwartier, Heerlen
Saturday 01 September 2018 / 21:15 - 21:45 / Maankwartier, Heerlen

Cultura Nova

Music, space and installations; with these ingredients Germaine Sijstermans will be working on the Maanplein at the Maankwartier in Heerlen during  Cultura Nova, creating new spaces in existing ones. Each day a new installation will develop at a new location. As a visitor you are free to walk around during the build process to oberve the process. Cherry on top is a concert/presentation at dusk during which the installation and the music will melt together. 

For the concerts Sijstermans will be joined by colleagues Fredrik Rasten (NO, guitar), Johnny Chang (TW/DE, viola) en Leo Svirsky (USA, accordion). Over the course of the four concerts the programmes will feature works bij Sijstermans herself, the Swedish composer Johan Lindvall, and the Estonian composers Einike Leppik and Johanna Kivimägi.

The new burough, Maankwartier (Moon quarter) forms a peaceful oasis in, and in connection with the city, developed with an emphasis on quality of life and the environment. An excellent location for clarinettist/composer Germaine Sijstermans. In her compositions a sense of space always is always an integral part; in the music itself as well as the room where the performance takes place. In the same way Sijstermans uses sounds in an abstract way in her music, she also uses recognisable simple materials in an abstract way in her installations. Where there are transparent structures and silence in the music the installations also are of a transparancy that corresponds with the music in order to augment the space without disturbing it.

Entrance: €5,- (Click for tickets)