Germaine Sijstermans

Germaine Sijstermans

Work in Progress II

Tuesday 26 June 2018 / 20:30 / Intro, Maastricht

Germaine Sijstermans will bring her second work-in-progress presentation as part of her residency at Intro. (in coproduction with ViaZuid).

She will perform her works for this concert together with the composer/flautist Antoine Beuger and composer/pianist Leo Svirsky (on accordion). In line with Germaine’s interests and research for her residency this concert’s programme focusses greatly on the relation between the musicians: the experience and realisation of the music through listening and reacting to each other. There are two roles of equal importance to the music for the musicians. One role involves producing sound, where the other involves mostly listening. The latter is a role the musicians and audience have in common: one of anticipating, hearing and reminiscing on sound. Aside from the residency repertoire the trio will perform an arrangement of a piece that was premiered during the Female Composers Festival at Spectrum in New York city earlier that month.

Entrance: Free




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