Germaine SIjstermans + Friends & DOTT

Germaine SIjstermans + Friends & DOTT

Musical and Culinary Experiment III

Tuesday 18 December 2018 / 20:00 - 22:00 / Intro, Maastricht

Enjoy a combination of deliciously special food prepared by Hadassas Keuken and some interesting new music during Musical & Culinary Experiment at Intro. During this 3rd edition you can enjoy music by Germaine Sijstermans + Friends and DOTT (Reggy van Bakel)

Germaine Sijstermans

Germaine Sijstermans will bring her third work-in-progress presentation as part of her residency at Intro (in coproduction with Via Zuid).

This concert will be presented with a bigger ensemble than the previous concerts, with Sijstermans being joined by Antoine Beuger (flute), Rishin Singh (trombone) and Johnny Chang (viola). In line with Sijstermans’s research this concert’s programme with compositions by her own hand focusses greatly on the relation between the musicians: the experience and realisation of the music through listening and reacting to each other. Of the important two acitivities in making music, producing sound and listening, the audience participates in the music through the latter; anticipating, hearing and reminiscing on sound.
Sijstermans will build an installation, a room of transparency within the concert location, in which the concert will take place






DOTT is a new musical world in which Reggy van Bakel displays his feelings about issues in society.

Reggy uses texts, like poems and speeches to empower themes that he is interested in and of feels are in need of more attention. Theme’s such as (not) eating meat, refugee crises, climate change and inequality. With his 12 piece strong electro acoustic ensemble, supported by visuals, the compositions come to life.

An experience animated in an intuitive way by using repetitive rythmic and melodic layers which create (sometimes) abstract, but mainly fluid shapes and structures. By using strings, winds and synths a rich sound palet is formed and molded into a dreamy filmic and minimalist unity.

Start Concert: 20:00
Start Culinary Experiment: 18:30 (Doors open: 18:00)

Entrance: Free (concert) / €12,50 (culinary experiment) Click here for tickets!