Germaine Sijstermans & Nora Mulder

Double Bill

Sunday 18 February 2018 / 16:00 / Intro, Maastricht

Germaine Sijstermans

will bring a program of solo works for clarinet and bass clarinet, featuring the clarinet sound as we know it and in microtonality and multiphonics.
Germaine will premiere three works of which two were composed for her.

Eva-Maria Houben wrote telling fairytales (2017), a piece with no beginning or end.

Chaz Underriner composed Shōrin-zu (2017) for Bb clarinet, tape and video, based on Hasegawa’s Pine Trees (16th century silk screen paintings).

Graham Fletts Rustic Sea Riser (2014) for bass clarinet, tape and video creates an atmosphere of motion and mystery. Initially aiming to imitate a previous work for polyphonic gamelan ensemble, this piece took a course of its own.

Onissia (2002), one o fAnastassis Philippakopoulos‘s monophonic songs.

In Rob Manthey‘s soft stone green wise velvet beats familiar (and unfamiliar) materials are being manipulated in a playful way, like the words in the title.

Hollas Longton combined the bass clarinet with sine wave chords.


Nora Mulder

“The perfect balance between icy chill and volcanic heat”

Nora Mulder makes, plays and combines compositions, improvisations, noise, performance art, sound installiations.

Trained as a ‘classical’ pianist in Rotterdam, Maastricht and Paris she plays with ensembles and orchestras and performs from New York to Tokyo.
She plays solo as well as with her steady partners from 7090 and Ensemble Extra Ordinaire and works closely with composers, musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists, writers, poets, philosophers and chefs de cuisine.

7090: makers collective with Bas Wiegers & Koen Kaptijn is described by press as “the bermuda triangle of the Dutch performing arts”.
Ensemble Extra Ordinaire: with writer/singer Han Buhrs, they play on home made instruments.
Nieuw is an improvisation trio with Greetje Bijma and Mary Oliver.


Entrance: €11,50 / €6,50 (presale Incl. service charge) €15,- / €7,50 (at the door) Tickets? Click Here!