Germaine Sijstermans |  Rianne Wilbers Trio

Germaine Sijstermans | Rianne Wilbers Trio

Musical & Culinary Experiment VIII

Tuesday 21 May 2019 / 20:00 / Intro, Maastricht

Every third Tuesday of the month Intro presents a combination of interesting new music and exciting food. Cook Hadassa Smit (Hadassas Keuken) let’s herself be inspired by the musicians that will be performing during the evening in order to create a special menu. Talented young musicians expermiment with their newest programmes in front of a live audience

Rianne Wilbers

Driven by curiosity singer Rianne Wilbers, multi-Instrumentalist Jornt Duyx and drummer/percussionist Remco Menting are meating each other in a trio formation. Looking for transverse connections between their diverse backgrounds, jazz, electronics classical and world music these three sound pioneers are creating a new sonic idiom in a playground filled with instruments.

Germaine Sijstermans

This concert will be Sijstermans’s last experiment in anticipation of a new composition finalizing her residency at Intro (with support of ViaZuid). In this Work in Progress concert she  is continuing the line   of development we saw in 2018 / This Work in Progress concert is a continuation of the line of development we saw from her in 2018. : from shorter, fragmentary works to pieces that form a world in themselves of which sound, light, and installation are part. In this concert Sijstermans will be joined again by her colleagues from Berlin and Düsseldorf: Johnny Chang (viola), Rishin Singh (trombone) and Antoine Beuger (flute).

Together they bring music which unfolds organically through a listening experience shared by musicians and attendees, whereby the artists realise an addition to the space and perception with great freedom within the presented material, moment, and suggestions..