Visualizing the Brain

Wednesday 06 January 2016 / 19:30 - 22:00 / Intro (Werkplaats),

Visualizing the Brain……the first year iArts students get to explore arts and culture within the topic of the brain.

After neuroscience research with experimentation using different art media forms and techniques, the students present to you their findings in this try-out presentation, which leads to the final exhibition on January 30th.

Bo Oudendijk, Rahel Eckstein-Kovacs, Eleonore Fabert, Gerold Sewcharan, Jasper Wüller, Konstantina Katsikari, coached by Juul Sadée, multi-media artist, iArts faculty, in co-operation with Michael Capalbo, neuropsychologist, Maastricht University

Entrance: Free