Julian Edwardes & Michiel Deprez

Julian Edwardes & Michiel Deprez

Musical & Culinary Experiment IV

Tuesday 15 January 2019 / 20:00 (Concert) / Intro, Maastricht

For this fourth edition of Musical & Culinary Experiment at Intro we have found two special acts for you. Circus artist Michiel Deprez and Modular Synth specialist Julian Edwardes. The evening will start as usual with beautiful food by Hadassa’s Keuken!.

Michiel Deprez – Semi-Cardiophone Pneumatic Harmonium

Michiel is looking to give a concert in which the audience is an essential part of the music. At the same time producer as well as receiver of the sound. He likes to play with the elements that are always already there, not to make something new per se, but more to direct attention to something. In this case it’s all about breathing; your own breathing and the breathing of others.

Michiel is interested in creating a physcial sound experience in which thoughts can find some quiet. “I would like one big sound in which all personal melodies can speak”

A naïve attempt at a mystical experience.

Julian Edwardes

British- Dutch artist Julian Edwardes originates from a sculpting and more visual related background, he studied at the Academy of Fine Art St Joost Breda and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.
Nowadays the artist is heavily exploring the world of modular synthesizers. Writing and improvising with these machines produces contemporary electronic pieces, moving from ambient and drones to synthesised orchestral- like movements and the avant garde.

Besides his solo works Julian also performs with his contemporary electric jazz quartet ∀ ( forall/ ) and as a producer he has released several ep’s and works on Dutch labels Fremdtunes, Lomechanik and Shipwrec.


Entrance to the concert is free! Participating in the Culinary part of the evening costs €12.50 and tickets are available until 1 day before the concert. You can buy your tickets through clicking this link!

18:00 Doors open
18:30 Start Culinary Experiment
20:00 Start Concert