Lied van de Maas (Song of the Maas)

Lied van de Maas (Song of the Maas)


Sunday 13 September 2015 / 16:00 / Parcours, Maasoever Servaasbrug, Maastricht

Lied van de Maas (Song of the Maas)

Join us during the Parcours! Sing or play the ‘Lied van de Maas’ (Song of the Maas)

We call upon choirs, wind-bands, fanfare-bands, any kind of bands and individual musician or singer, to join us on the 13th of September at 16:00 at the bank of the Maas. Led by soundartists from Intro  the “Lied van de Maas” will be performed together with all those who are interested from the Servaasbrug in Maastricht.

Everyone is invited!

Anyone who likes to perform music is welcome. Even if you happen to be passing by. Together we will sing and play in honour of the Maas in conclusion of the international bi-annual Mater Mosa 2015. During the summer months of this year many different activities will be organised as part of Mater Mosa. Expect to see a wide variety of arts, crafts, folklore and local culture.

The Parcours

This event coincides with the Parcours, the yearly opening of the new cultural season in Maastricht, and the ‘Sterparade’, honouring the 190th anniversary of ‘Koninklijke Harmonie Ster Maastricht’.

Join us on Sunday on the Maaspromenade/Servaasbridge on the 13th of September and participate!

More info?

Find us at: www.liedvandemaas.nl for more info and also take a look or download the Music.


Apply before the 9th of September by sending an email to info@liedvandemaas.nl. For more info or questions you can call “Tout Maastricht” 043 853 70 53

This is a project by Intro & Tout Maastricht together with: Parcours, Mater Mosa en de  Koninklijke Harmonie Ster van Maastricht.