Listening session

Listening session

Life of Ornament

Thursday 19 January 2017 / 20:00 / Parkeerterrein Sphinx, Maastricht

Projected large onto the historic Eiffel Building’s facades, the once motionless, decorative prints on saucers, cups, plates, and teapots transform into animated leitmotifs that flow into one another, creating new juxtapositions of the imagery.

Intro commissioned several audioworks to support the video projections which can be seen on the Eiffel Building.

Composer Marc Alberto produced “Flower Song – Secret Life of Ornament” a composition for: Ceramic tiles, saxophone ensemble, harpsichord and percussion. Written, played and recorded by Marc Alberto himself.

Apart from “Flower Song”, Marc also cooperated with poet Maarten van den Berg to record the poem ‘Naamloos Zweet’ and enhance the poem with music. The poem was recorded at Intro and Marc provided the supporting music.

On Thursday 19 January Intro is organising a listening session at the Eiffelgebouw together with VIewmaster Projects. While enjoying a hot beverage you can view the projections on the building and listen to the audio works.

Entrance: Free