Poetic improvistation

Tuesday 03 November 2015 / 20:30 / Intro, Maastricht

Let yourself be surprised by LUNAR Group! An exceptional group of musicians who will bring an evening full of diverse improvised music.

LUNAR group (LiveUnitedArt group consist of 7 musicians, who next to playing in this band are also focussed on composing music.
Most of them are also multi instrumentalists. These two facets give the band a unique starting point from which they choose to dedicate themselves to improvisation using poetry.
Because of their background in composing their music might sound a bit different than the usual jazz group.
Because the members of LUNAR group try to think from a kind of unity, they give each other a lot of space and very nuanced improvisations containing various style elements emerge.

Isabel Bermejo: Vocals
Roderik Povel: Piano
Tim Daemen: Trombone
Jos Heutmekers: Sax and Electronics
Rezar Dominguez: Flamenco guitar
Jesse Passenier: Drums en Vibraphone

entrance: free