María Domínguez & Celia Parra


Tuesday 07 June 2016 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats),

SYMBIOSIS is a piano concert merged with video art. Visuals that are especially designed for contemporary music pieces immerse the audience into different atmospheres.

Symbiosis is a plea to stop and listen carefully to the world that surrounds us. To escape from the accelerated
metronome of society, open our eyes and ears to new sensations and let music embrace us in a
calm silence.

SYMBIOSIS conveys a wide range of tendencies within the contemporary music scene and explores the use of electronic music to create new soundscapes. It includes an heterogeneous mix of composers coming from Spain, Holand, France, United States or Finland.
Their works conceal great intimacy. Like an intense image, a poem or a dream. The program requires a mastery of musical expression and challenges the public to adopt a new attitude towards the musical works.

Supported by “Code043 Foundation”

Entrance: Free!