Maria Dominguez Perez

Maria Dominguez Perez

Contenco Trio

Tuesday 20 December 2016 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats),

CONTENCO is a newly-formed musical trio comprised by pianist Maria Dominguez Perez, percussionist Pablo Paz Lopez and flamenco dancer Paco Mora.

Contenco connects two different languages and traditions, both flamenco and contemporary music, in order to create new languages and new forms of artistic expression.

These three Spanish artists take a new step in their careers and immerse into a study and a personal quest motivated by the in-bound necessity to create and express themselves in a personal language, product of their own musical and personal experiences.


Southern Transfiguration**    –  Iago Hermo

Corporel   –   Glinko Globokar

Pour Irina  –  G. Ligeti

Capricho*   –   Abraham Espinosa, Manuel Benitez Carrasco

Al compás*  –   Pablo Paz and Paco Mora

Water Impro  –   Pablo Paz

Arc-en-ciel   –   G. Ligeti

Sèrie Blanche  –  Pierre Jodlowsky

** Absolut premiere    *Premiere in The Netherlands


Piano: María Domínguez

Percussion: Pablo Paz

Flamenco Dance: Paco Mora

Thank to:

Erwin Penners, Marta Flendrig, Intro in Situ, Iago Hermo, Maria Punzano,  Adrian Saavedra, Conservatorium of Maastricht and Conservatorium of Liège.

Entrance: Free