Komorebi Trio

Oene van Geel: viola
Kenzo Kusuda: dance
Matteo Mijderwijk: piano

Matteo Mijderwijk’s  Komorebi trio

Matteo Mijderwijk’s Komorebi trio


Tuesday 17 November 2015 / 20:30 / Intro, Maastricht

Amsterdam based pianist Matteo Mijderwijk debuts in the  “Jonge Honden” series with a special project; 17 November he plays with his Komorebi-trio; together with violist Oene van Geel and Japanese dancer Kenzo Kusuda


Komorebi is a Japanese word that can be translated as: sunlight that shines through the trees in the morning. The dawning of natural light is taken as a starting point for the trio’s improvisations.

Entrance: Free