Muche/ Hein/Nillesen

Muche/ Hein/Nillesen


Tuesday 08 March 2016

Intro proudly presents three of the most sought after improvisers the Netherlands and Germany have to offer. Matthias Muche (trombone), Nicola Hein (guitar) and Etienne Nillesen (drums).

Performing non-stop in a plethora of projects on a remarkable amount of European stages, they now set out on a trio tour.

The trio MUCHE/HEIN/NILLESEN plays free improvised music. They are using sonic idioms and concepts, which can be connected to the term reductionism. The use of special ideosyncratic sounds and the atomized application of these form the backbone of their aesthetic. In opposition to the tradition, these sonic concepts are executed on a very high dynamic and energetic niveau. The results is a music that is coined by a rich array of timbres and the fascination of highly energetic playing.