Loop-e_D & Ruben Bass

Musical and Culinary Experiment II

Tuesday 20 November 2018 / Culinary experiment: 18:00 / Concert: 20:00 / Intro, Maastricht

We started with a new concept at Intro in October: Musical and Culinary Experiment. Different artists try out new (musical) works and before the concert Hadassa’s Kitchen presents new culinary creations!

On the 20th of November it’s time for a follow up! Apart from Loop-e_D, Ruben Bass will also be performing during this evening.

Entrance to the concert is free (as it has always been). If you would like to enjoy Hadassa’s culinary creations, you will be able to sign up for the reasonable sum of €12,50 using the ticket link (Here)


Jasmijn Lootens (cellist & live-fx) & Patrick Housen (composer & sound artist) are both members of the contemporary Nemø ensemble. Their drive comes from a shared passion for researching and creating (musically) immersive worlds.

They make their own playing field in which they create by experimentation. Noises, sounds and music form  building blocks which are taken out of context and deconstructed to subsequently rebuild in their own story.

On the 20th of November they invite you to come and take a look inside their playground. Different cello sounds form the basis for an auditory canvas that the musicians will be filling with colour during the evening. Expect atmospheric layers, exhilerating grooves and warm melodies.

Ruben Bass

„Boiling Heart“ is an audiovisual performance dealing with daily anxiety regarding the heart
infection of Ruben’s mother. The visual part consists of actual hospital footage of his mother’s
heart beating. While the audio part is made of the sounds of a water boiler, a device
many of us use daily to keep us going whether it is to cook tea or a meal. In the work the
visual and audio part is entirely connected and dependent on each other; if the music
changes, the visual part does as well and the other way around.

Ruben Bass is a structure enthusiast, transforming reality into abstract, to give a unique
perspective on nature´s beauty. Structures as he would describe them range from old chewing
gum on the street to the layout of a city. Through giving this perspective, Ruben would like to
spread awareness and compassion.His work could be described as highlighting. In this way,
formations are sculpted out of reality. Waves of sound and light are linked together to a symbiotic

Start Concert: 20:00

Start Culinary Experiment: 18:30 (Deuren open: 18:00)

Entrance to the concert is free as always. Want to get the full experience, including food? Click here to get a ticket!