Nicoline Soeter – Wunderkammer

Nicoline Soeter – Wunderkammer

November Music

Saturday 12 November 2016 / 14:00 / Pand 18, 's Hertogenbosch
Saturday 12 November 2016 / 17:00 / Pand 18, 's Hertogenbosch

A music theatre performance by Nicoline Soeter, performed by ensemble VONK

20160909WUnderkammer 2 resize smallEnter into Nicoline Soeter’s Wunderkammer.  Inspired by the wonderful curiosity cabinets of seventeenth century botanist and zoologist Frederik Ruysch, Soeter has created a new music theatre performance for her ensemble VONK. Ruys, being a bit of an oddball, surprised everybody in his day with the most fantastic collections of animals and natural preparations.

For Soeter the starting point to release her own sonic curiosity cabinet upon the world. Soeter knows like no other how to extract the underlying drama from someting into sound. From softly rustling multiphoncs to overtones, to tingling percussion on car springs and gongs.

20160909Wunderkammer 8 Resized smallTilburg based ensemble VONK knows how to deal with Soeters alchemical sonic theatre. The lead goes to versatile soprano Rianne Wilbers who will translate Soeters hypnotic texts. Wilbers is supported in this endeavour by saxophonist Tom Sanderman, Clarinettist Erwin Muller and percussionists Reggy van Bakel and special guest Mei-Yi Lee.

Theater producer Marc van Vliet in turn came up with some strong imagery to support the performance. During the performance the musicians are safely tucked away behind glass like in a display case in a museum. A Wunderkammer  in which the most beautiful sounds are born and the public is invited to really open their eyes and ears!

Entrance: €8,-/€5,-/€4,- Interested in tickets? Click here!

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