Nieuwe Geluiden

Nieuwe Geluiden

November Music

Saturday 07 November 2015 / 14:00 - 17:30 / Muzerije, Hinthamerstraat 74, Den Bosch

Saturday the 7th of November, November Music puts the next generation of makers, performers and composers in the limelight during “Nieuwe Geluiden”

Jonge Honden

During this adventurous afternoon in “de Muzerije” Hinthamerstraat 74, Den Bosch)  the “Jonge Honden” will also be represented! You can enjoy works by: Jesse Passenier, Lucas Kramer, Dorian Dumont  and Jens Bouttery!


Jens Maurits Bouttery, Lucas Kramer and Dorian Dumont play “Memory” a part of Jens Maurits Orchestra’s “the BlOGPERA”.
In “Memory”, the trio improvises around Lucas’ sound installation “La Bestia”; a 10-track tape loop recorder which embodies a living memory. It records the present, combines it with memories and transforms them into something new…


In “de Bank van Leening” (Schilderstraat 33, Den Bosch) the production Ondertijds will be viewable once more. The production was very well received during Cultura Nova this year.Ondertijds is an audio-visual tale about industrialisation and manual labour and was inspired by the subterranean pit-water in Heerlen.

Live performances from 12:00-17:00 each hour (6 performances)
Live singing by soprano Rianne Wilbers.

The installation will also be viewable on Sunday 8 November between 11:30 and 18:00.

Ondertijds was commissioned by Intro in coproduction with Cultura Nova and was developed as part of Jaar van de Mijnen 2015 (Year of Mines 2015).

Thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten

For more info and reservations:  www.novembermusic.net

Entrance: €8,00/€5,00/€4,00 (Tickets? Click HERE!)