Oliver Verse

Oliver Verse

Summer evening concerts at Cellebroeders Chapel

Wednesday 31 July 2019 / 21:00 / Cellebroederskapel, Maastricht

Intro during the Summer

Summer evening concerts at the Cellebroeders Chapel.

Looking to refresh yourself after a warm summer’s day in Maastricht? Come and visit our Summer evening concerts in the Cellebroeders Chapel in July; a unique monument situated in a cool hidden location in the middle of town. Enjoy the beautiful Saxophone sounds of Tom Sanderman (17 July), experience a moment of stillness with clarinettist Germaine Sijstermans and her group (26 July) or chill out with Oliver Verse’s subdued solo pop (31 July). Entrance to one concert costs €10,- or visit all three for €20,- (ex. service charge)

Tickets are available through the ticket widget below, or by clicking here.

Oliver Verse

Soft fingers caress you, while you come to your senses after a punch in the face”
Oliver tells us how life grazes, pushes, pulls, and flirts. Straight through the dark, in search for the source. Electronic pop music carried by a personal story. A father – son relationship captured in synths, trombone and engrossing lyrics.

Oliver Verse is a project by Daniel van Loenen.
Daniel works as a composer for dance collective MAN || CO and as a keyboardist/trombonist with Nana Adjoa. Previously he performed with a.o. Jett Rebel and Cast Glass.