Opening Concert

Cast Glass, Mark Alban Lotz, TEMKO

Sunday 01 October 2017 / 16:00 / Intro (Muziekgieterij), Maastricht

On the first of October we are opening the new season and our new location with a special concert…

Cast Glass

The cinematic “crossover” music of Cast Glass is the brainchild of Dutch/German composers Marco Mlynek & Marc Alberto.

With their small orchestra of live electronic and orchestral instruments, Cast Glass builds musical worlds full of secrets to be discovered. Alberto & Mlyneks musical language is hard to grasp in clunky terms like “fusion”: their roots in Minimal, neo-classical, electronica, jazz, hip-hop and improv are fluently cast into a new shape. Might seem complicated, but it’s not – all tracks are infectious pop-songs at heart.


Mark Alban Lotz

“Add the name of Mark Alban Lotz to the very short list of flute virtuosi who can single-handedly animate a recital. What Lotz plays May Not be pure jazz or pure anything but his skill and versatility should attract lots of attention.”  (New York City Jazz Magazine, USA)

Since the release of the cd “Solo Flutes”, grandmaster and unbelievable phenomenon in the Dutch impro-scene (‘Draai Om Je Oren’) Mark Alban Lotz has been travelling around the world playing concerts in New York, Berlin, Istanbul, Taipei, Toulouse and Hong Kong. He is a unique artist within the Jazz, new and improvised music scenes. An avant garde artist who can also embrace the pure beauty of music.



“Temko performs and works with the attitude of a popgroup, and combines musical styles such as minimal music, new complexity, heavy metal with improvisations in their own unique way.” – Bert Palinckx, Artistic director of November Music

TEMKO (Aart Strootman, Fred Jacobsson, Ramon Lormans) feels at home as interprets of composed music, as well as the rich tradition of pop- and improvised music. The genres TEMKO embraces cross both worlds. The band combines 60 years of minimal and ambient music, intelligent dance music (IDM), progressive rock and ‘new labels’ like zen-funk and ritual groove music.


Entrance: €10,- / €5,- (ex. service charge) | Tickets: Click Here!