Raymond Honing & Kenzo Kuzuda

Raymond Honing & Kenzo Kuzuda


Sunday 16 December 2018 / 12:00 / Muziekgieterij, Maastricht

In ZWEER, flautist Raymond Honing and Japanese dancer/choreographer Kenzo Kusuda make a new ritual, an incantation. Searching for a new, non-religious anchor point. Dealing with letting bygones be bygones, old wine in new bottles and glasses that appear to be half empty.

About how big emotions can be reduced to smaller bite sized chunks and how to find way to deal with them in our daily lives. An eclectic unity of movement, text and music by a.o. Bach, Bruynel and Debussy.

Concept and performance: Raymond Honing (flautist) and Kenzo Kusuda (Japanese dancer / choreographer)

Kusuda and Honing met during an opera production on location. Kenzo as a dancer, performing Shakespeare’s Puck and Raymond as the conductor of the opera. It turned out they have a lot of artistic ideas in common with each other and they decided to make a production together. The opera production where they first met was big and impressive, but they both longed for a smaller, more intimate but still very intense duo performance. That became ZWEER

Netherlands based Japanese choreographer/dancer Kenzo Kusuda unveils poetry from the dancing body. Kusuda takes the audience into a world of fantasy. His work is filled with mystical beauty that goes far beyond what our senses can detect. Kusuda studied economics and business management and was working part time at Tokio’s biggest fish market when he discovered dance as his own personal language. As a choreographer Kusuda has built a personal and unique repertoire, often times in collaboration with Korzo in Den Haag, who see him as one of the most poetic choreographers in the Netherlands.

Raymond Honing is part of a new generation of musicians that split their energy between old and contemporary music. After three studies at Conservatorium Amsterdam – flute, traverso and chamber music – he started a career that encompasses three centuries of music. From Baroque on a one keyed traverso and early Romantic music on an eight keyed traverso, to contemporary repertoire on a modern Boehm flute, including alto and bass flutes. His most important motivation for playing new repertoire is curiosity. Curiosity into all the things that were going on in the composers mind, without regarding whether the composer is still a live or has been dead for over two hundred years. Curiosity also into the effect of the music on the audience.



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