Rogier Telderman, Rianne Wilbers & Hadassa’s Kitchen

Culinary and Musical Experiment

Tuesday 16 October 2018 / 18:00 / Intro, Maastricht

Tuesday the 16th of October marks the start of a new season of “Jonge Honden”! This year there won’t be concerts once a week anymore, but rather once a month with multiple acts per evening comined with exciting food by Haddassa’s kitchen.

We will kick off this season with concerts by Rogier Telderman and Rianne Wilbers:

Rogier Telderman – Miniatures

Rogier is described as one of the most talented Dutch pianists of this moment. With TELDERMAN miniatures he is researching the sonic possibilities of the piano as a musical painter of sorts; combining the classical tradition with improvisation and contemporary music. During this experiment Rogier is not afraid to face his own vulnerabilities. The result is a unique intense experience connectin the audience, the music and the performer.

The soloprogramme consits of a collection of miniatures in which an atmosphere or emotion is created in a compact way. In each piece, Rogier paints landscapes that keep on changing under his hands; from sweet to rough and engrossing.

Rianne Wilbers – Crash blossom

Nobody likes to be confronted with themselves when looking in the mirror. Exactly this is what happens to the protagonist though in this new personal music performance Crash Blossom by audiovisual artist Merijn Bisschops and soprano Rianne Wilbers. During a musical and visual trip the complex and colorful personality of singer Crash Blossom is unravelled. Struggeling with the fading borders between fact and fiction she is confronted with her biggest fear: herself. Concert and film come together seamlessly in this intens performance. Bisschops and Wilbers’ tour-de-force is rooted in the realities of the maker and the performer, but lets this reality slip away by wondering off into hallucinogenic voices and vistas. The camera is positioned close to the rich emotional world within which can also be heard in the the overwhelming musical contrasts.

Hadassa’s Kitchen

Hadassa cooks with honest and beautiful products, from the local area or from her own garden. Small artworks on your plate. Food that makes everybody happy.

Entrance: Free (Concert), €12,50 (dinner)
If you would like to join us for dinner, please let us know in advance by sending an email to: publiciteit@introinsitu.nl