Rogier Telderman

Rogier Telderman

RTFX - Solo Piano

Tuesday 18 October 2016 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats), Maastricht

“Rogier melts classical, minimal, pop and jazz influences into stilish and lyrical actual music. He knows how to grasp the public’s attention from the first note onwards and touches them through his musical storytelling”

Pianist and composer Rogier Telderman is one of the most important faces in a new generation of European artists. In 2016 he was named the most promising jazz artist of the year by “De vereniging van jazzbookers’. During the spring of 2015 he released his debut album ‘Contours with his trio. An album that got raving reviews around the globe and is reminiscent of Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehldau and Esbjörn Svennsson.

Out of a fascination for sound, Rogier started a queeste to find the limits of the acoustical piano. Apart from this he recently discovered the possibilities amplifying the instrument bring to the table. In his solo program RTFX he takes the classical acoustic piano into the music and sounds of the 21st century! A program in which the traditional lines between composition and improvisation are blurred.

Rogier Telderman is well known for accepting projects that challenge both the composer and musician in him. Apart from the Rogier Telderman Trio he is also the pianist of ensemble TEMKO (no strangers to Intro-goers) where rythmically layered structures are explored and translated into ‘minimal chamber metal’. Festival November Music asked Rogier to write a composition which will have it’s premiere performance on 13th of November 2016 with piano, flute, bassclarinet and trombone. With RTFX, Rogier presents his first solo piano programme.

Entrance: Free