Rutger Muller Ensemble

Josephine Bode:
recorder, voice

Wen Chin Fu:

Rutger Muller:

Rutger Muller Ensemble

Rutger Muller Ensemble

Processive I, II

Monday 27 August 2018 / 21:00 - 22:00 / Maankwartier , Heerlen

Cultura Nova

Rutger Muller researches how technology can be used as a medium to connect electronic music and classical traditions. His work is a cross-pollination of a.o. baroque, contemporary classical, club (techno,ambient) music and oriental sounds. However different these directions may seem to be, they have something in common: a hint of abstraction, continuity, endlessness. Experience it for yourself during Processive at the Maankwartier.

In Processive (part I, II)Josephine Bode (Recorder, vocals), Wen Chin Fu (cello) and Rutger Muller (electronics) look for fusions and abstractions of a.o. classical music, Japanese music, minimalism, ambient and glitch. Out of this search flows a fragile symbiose of meditative and unheimliche elements. A mystical entity within which the borders between foreground, background, stability, chaos, time and space fade away.

As an electro-acoustic improviser Rutger Muller focusses on the development of spiritual music in a time of digital, cross-border communication. Cultures and subcultures – current and past – can provide eachother with new insights since the same intentions are just uttered in a different way.

Entrance: €10,- (Click for tickets)